Thursday, May 26, 2011

Falmouth, Our First 2011 Beach Day

Weather throughout our vacation has been rather bleak, with a long-term forecast of much the same.  It hasn't slowed us down any, but, really, where's the sun?  To our surprise, however, we woke up yesterday to glorious rays of sunlight, something we haven’t seen in a couple of weeks.  Quickly, I logged onto the computer and checked the latest forecast.  Yes, it was going to be sunny all day with temperatures in the low 70s.  Falmouth, here we come!

Photo by Cape Cod USA Real Estate

With bathing suits on, our beach towels, chairs, snacks and water swiftly made their way to the car.  We returned to Menauhant Beach in East Falmouth, a spot we visited on Tuesday, but could only enjoy its ocean view from inside the car.  Is this the same place?  It looks considerably different!  Replacing the undesirable cold, gusty winds and gray, overcast skies, is now this hazy and warm day with gentle breezes.  The ocean’s rhythm keeps perfect time with each rolling wave.  Scattered about are just a few couples doing exactly what Greg and I set out to do...relax and become intoxicated by the sounds and smells of the ocean.

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